Drone sighted in Celbridge

Sometimes you just read the black board and smile or shrug your shoulders and move on to the next thing in your life.

There are other times where you read the post until you get to the very end and realise that you have just wasted two and a half minutes of your life reading the tedious ramblings of someone who obviously drinks too much coffee and failed his punctuation test at school when they still had slates and a stylus.

Right now you are probably stifling a yawn and thinking how much longer is this post going on for? The eyes are starting to glaze over and you remember that time when you were sitting next to a Drone on a two hour train journey to Cork with no chance of escape.  Even feigning sleep was no escape as every time you passed a landmark the drone nudged you with his elbow and gave you the complete history, geography and biology of the said landmark.

So I won’t give you with too much history. You can wait for Heritage Week for all that stuff and stop reading right now.

Then again you don’t want to stop reading now just in case there is an actual point to this post and could the last paragraph contain some absolutely vital information that will have a mind blowing effect on the rest of your life?


I have just been droning on and on and on and on and on whilst enjoying a large Americano in Halo Café.

(There! Told you! Product placement. He does that all the time!!)

Disclaimer: Please note although this post is semi-autobiographical it does not represent any customer either living or dead. Although we do try to dissuade our deceased customers from calling in.