For want of an Etch A Sketch a blackboard was born

Etch A SketchEtch A Sketch could cure many ills

The simple Etch A Sketch could be the answer to the madness that is the Halo Café blackboard sign.

Where do you get your blackboard signs? Do you get them off the internet? Who thinks up your signs?

Well the answer is . . . The fat, baldy, grey haired fellow. And no, I don’t get them off the internet! I put them on the internet!!

But, does that really answer the question?

We have looked deeper into the warped mind behind the signs. The startling conclusion of these investigations was absolutely amazing.

Childhood deprivation!!! Growing up in an age where hand me down clothing was a fact a second hand Etch A Sketch would be very rare indeed.

He never had an Etch-A-Sketch!!!

 Everyone had an Etch-A-Sketch

The neighbours had one. His friends had one. Everyone seemed to have an Etch-A-Sketch on the last day of term at school.

Leave alone the mental anguish of this situation at the time. Think of the long term effects.

The daily therapy of the blackboard signs has gone someway to alleviating the symptoms. This is not an issue of long hours trying to find the right words.

A Moment of Inspiration

Sometimes the blackboard is a work of visual art. More often it is an item of pavement philosophy designed to make you think. A smile is the sought after outcome.

Banksy of the Café Generation

The signs have now been elevated to fine art status with descriptions like “The Banksy of the Café Generation”. “Damien Hirst on Calcium Carbonate”. (That’s chalk, by the way).

Etch A Sketch Therapy And Rehabilitation

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